Track 31: Regency AU

Welcome to episode thirty-one of the Mixtape Book Club Podcast.

In this episode, Ellen and Mal welcome author thatpeculiarone to discuss Regency AU Destiel fics. Fics include An Assembly Such As This by Unforth, Rescue Me Tonight by superhoney, and The Winchester Affair by andimeantittosting, and plenty more.

You can find our Mixtape Book Club Ao3 collection here, containing the stories we’ve discussed on the podcast so far.

As always, Mixtape Book Club contains swearing and discussion of adult topics. Please listen at your own discretion, with attention paid to any little ears that might be nearby!

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Our Guest – thatpeculiarone

Jess (or thatpeculiarone) writes Destiel stories on AO3 under thatpeculiarone.

Jess’s Pinefest story we mention in this episode:

SPN Regency Big Bang

SPN Regency Big Bang is a fic and art challenge open to all SPN ships, and moderated by thatpeculiarone, nickelkeep and EllenofOz. The bang is currently open for registration for 2022 until May 2 for authors, and until June 2 for artists. Find out more information at

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An Assembly Such As This by unforth (11:50)

Published 2015, 151k words, E

Dean Winchester has built the life expected of him, marrying Charlotte Bradbury, raising a family, maintaining his estate, spending winters in ton. However, their life together is built on a shared lie – they are best friends, united to protect the secret of their true desires. Charlie has found a companion who shares her preferences, but Dean is lonely for a want of partner. That is, until he learns of Ms. Naomi’s exclusive, monthly, male-only parties, and manages to secure himself an invitation…

Rescue Me Tonight by superhoney (41:45)

Published 2017, 40k words, E

In order to secure his chance at a better life, he’ll have to ruin the best man he’s ever known.

When Dean first hears the proposal, he fears it’s a joke: he’ll be paid to seduce one of the most well-respected bachelors in London, Lord Castiel Milton, and then break his heart. But Lord Castiel’s enemies are ruthless men, and they’ll stop at nothing to see him humbled, including hiring Dean to play the role of a lifetime. Transforming himself from a lowly prostitute to a well-bred country lord won’t be easy, but if all goes according to plan, Dean will finally be free from the life he despises.

He never expected to fall in love along the way.

The Winchester Affair by andimeantittosting (56:45)
Published for the Harlequin Challenge 2019, 34k words, E

Castiel Shurley has emerged from self-imposed exile to help see his sister safely wed. But when Hael discovers a priceless diamond brooch at the LaCroix ball, a villain finds the opening he needs, and Castiel finds himself in a nightmare.

Blackmailed by the odious Zachariah Adler, he is given one mission: to spy upon Dean, the handsome Marquess of Winchester, or see his entire family ruined. As he’s running out of time, Castiel has to make a choice—save his family, or risk it all to protect the man he has loved in secret since childhood.

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