Welcome to Mixtape Book Club, a podcast celebration of Destiel fanfiction. Grab a drink and relax while friends Ellen and Mal chat about some of their favourite Dean and Castiel stories, their picks for certain tropes, delve into behind-the-scenes writing topics and character discussions, with the help of special guests from within the Destiel fandom.

Supernatural may be over now, but the world and the characters live on…and the story ends when we say it does.


Mal is a wandering Brit who travelled the world before ending up settling down on the East coast of the U.S.A.

Rumor has it that she used to read–and even write, on occasion–a lot of genre fiction before SPN came into her life. Now, her bookcase is a dusty graveyard…


Ellen lives in Australia and has far too many tabs open in Chrome. She used to read quite a lot of Fantasy and Sci-fi books, until discovering fanfiction.

Nowadays, she loves to read and write gap-filling canon fic, or tropey genre aus involving magical, fantasy, sci-fi or historical elements.

The characters and settings in Supernatural belong to Warner Bros. On this website and in our podcast, we discuss these entities in the context of transformative works of fiction.