Track List

1: Canon verse

Released September 18, 2020
Introductions and Destiel fics set in the canon Supernatural universe.
Transcript available.

2: Mutual Pining with Mittens

Released October 2, 2020
Mittens joins us to talk about Mutual Pining, as well as Pinefest and other bangs.
Transcript available.

3: Omegaverse with CBFirestarter and TrenchcoatBaby

Released October 16, 2020
CBFirestarter and TrenchcoatBaby join us to discuss A/B/O, or Omegaverse, as well as the joys of co-writing.
Transcript available.

4: Horror with JScribbles

Released October 30, 2020
JScribbles joins us to discuss writing horror.

5: Fake Relationships with followyourenergy

Released November 13, 2020
Followyourenergy joins us to discuss fake relationships, along with some spoilers for SPN 15×18.

6: Post-Canon with andimeantittosting

Released November 27, 2020
Andimeantittosting joins us to discuss how the ending of Supernatural may affect fanworks, post finale. Spoilers for 15×20.

7: Wing Fic with lizlee

Released December 18, 2020
Lizlee joins us to dicuss fics featuring angel wings.

8: Festive Fic

Released December 24, 2020
Mal and Ellen recommend festive fics for the holiday season.
Transcript available.

9: Favourites of 2020

Released January 8, 2021
Ellen and Mal take a look back at fics they enjoyed reading during 2020.

10: Bakery AU with MandalaRose

Released January 22, 2021
MandalaRose joins us for a discussion on Bakery AU fics, as well as the art of commenting.
Transcript available.

11: Soulmates with Desirae

Released February 6, 2021
Desirae joins us to discuss fics where Dean and Castiel are soulmates.
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12: Endverse with Castielslostwings

Released February 19, 2021
Castielslostwings joins us to discuss a fan-favourite episode and fic sub-genre – Endverse, including the Down to Agincourt series by seperis.
Transcript available.

13: Space Gays with imogenbynight (violetmatter)

Released March 5, 2021
Imogenbynight joins us to discuss Destiel fics set in space!
Transcript available.

14: Only One Bed!

Released March 19, 2021
Ellen and Mal discuss fics where Dean and Cas find themselves with only one bed to sleep in.

15: Two-Person Love Triangle with bendingsignpost

Released April 3, 2021
Bendingsignpost joins us to discuss his fic Four Letter Word for Intercourse, plus other two-person love triangle stories.
Transcript available.

16: Fairytales with whelvenwings

Released May 7, 2021
Whelvenwings joins us to discuss Destiel fairytales.
Transcript available.

17: Kid Fics with DragonSgotenks

Released May 28, 2021
DragonSgotenks (aka Sarah) joins us to discuss fics where Dean and/or Cas have children.
Transcript available.

18: Murder Husbands with Duckyboos

Released June 11, 2021
Duckyboos joins us to discuss the Murder Husbands trope.
Transcript available.

19: Pride with the_communist_unicorn

Released June 25, 2021
the_communist_unicorn (aka Koby) joins us to discuss Pride and queer identity in Destiel fics.
Transcript available.

20: Creature fics with sharkfish

Released July 16, 2021
Sharkfish joins us to discuss Creature fics. Tentacles and fangs, wings and scales!
Transcript available.

21: Panty Kink with Ltleflrt

Released July 30, 2021
Ltleflrt joins us to discuss Dean’s panty kink (and sometimes Cas’ panty kink).

22: Crack with PallasPerilous

Released August 27, 2021
PallasPerilous joins us to discuss Destiel Crack fics.

23: Writers with opal_bullets

Released September 17, 2021
In this special anniversary episode, opal_bullets joins us to discuss fics where Dean or Cas (or both) are writers.
Transcript available.

24: Time Travel with unicornpoe

Released November 5, 2021
unicornpoe joins us to discuss Destiel fics involving time travel (mostly canon but not all).

25: Alternate Endings with MandalaRose

Released November 26, 2021
MandalaRose joins us again to discuss ways in which the Destiel fandom is writing new endings to Supernatural.

26: Witch and Familiar with nickelkeep

Released December 10, 2021
Nickelkeep joins us to discuss fics where Dean and Cas are a witch and familiar pair.
Transcript available.

27: 2021 Wrapped

Released January 15, 2021
Mal and Ellen chat about some awesome fics they read during 2021 that haven’t made it into any episode category yet.

28: BDSM with CBFirestarter

Released February 12, 2022
Mal and Ellen welcome back guest CBFirestarter to talk about the world of BSDM.
Transcript available.

29: Royalty with Tricia_16

Released February 25, 2022
Mal and Ellen welcome the Queen of Fanfic Fluff herself, Tricia_16, to discuss royalty au fics.
Transcript available.

30: Enemies to Lovers with allmystars

Released March 18, 2022
Mal and Ellen welcome author allmystars to discuss fics with the enemies to lovers trope.
Transcript available.

31: Regency AU with thatpeculiarone

Released April 22, 2022
Mal and Ellen welcome author thatpeculiarone to discuss Regency AU fics.
Transcript available.

32: Pirate AUs with Kitmistry

Released May 13, 2022
Mal and Ellen welcome author Kitmistry to discuss Pirate AU fics.
Transcript available.

33: Angel Possession with Cheerful_Shinagami

Released June 17, 2022
Mal and Ellen welcome author Cheerful_Shinagami to talk about her fic, Contingency, plus other fics involving angel possession.
Transcript available.

34: Podfics with NerdyNerdenstein

Released July 9, 2022
We welcome NerdyNerdenstein of Making It Up As We Go Podcast to discuss Destiel podfics with us.
Transcript available.

35: Russian Castiel with zation

Released August 20, 2022
Author zation joins us to discuss fics where Castiel is Russian.
Transcript available.

36: Tattoos with jemariel

Released September 24, 2022
Author jemariel joins us to discuss their fic, Cats and Tats, plus other fics where Dean and/or Cas have tattoos.
Transcript available.

37: Bonus Recs

Released January 28, 2023
Ready your tabs! We catch up on some of the fics we’ve been reading recently.
Transcript available.

38: Musicians with Casloveshisfreckles

Released March 4, 2023
Author Casloveshisfreckles joins us to discuss fics involving musicians.
Transcript available.

39: Demon Dean with rupertgayes

Released April 14, 2023
Author rupertgayes joins us to enthuse about all things Demon Dean.
Transcript available.

40: Case Fics with DoctorProfessorSong

Released May 31, 2023
Author DoctorProfessorSong joins us back in the Canon SPN ‘verse to discuss case fics.
Transcript available.

41: Friends With Benefits with tiamatv

Released August 13, 2023
Author tiamatv joins us to discuss fics where Dean and Cas are friends with benefits.
Transcript available.

42: Recs from Charlotte

Released September 12, 2023
Ellen and Mal share some recommendations for fics given to them while at the SPN Creation Convention in Charlotte, NC.
Transcript available.

43: Season 2?

Released March 31, 2024
Mal and Ellen return to the podcast with a huge list of recommendations from the recent AHBL convention in Melbourne, Australia.|
Transcript available.