Track 1: Canonverse

Welcome to Episode One of the Mixtape Bookclub Podcast!

Do you love Supernatural? Are you a fan of Dean and Cas, and their relationship? Do you enjoy reading Destiel fanfiction? This is the podcast for you!

In this episode, we introduce ourselves and the podcast, and also discuss canonverse fics—that is, stories that take place in the same universe as the show. We review two fics: A Turn of the Earth by microcomets, and The Story of You and Me by the_diggler.

A transcript for this episode is now available.

A warning: Adult themes are discussed in this podcast.

A Turn of the Earth by microcomets (was called mishcollin at time of recording)
Published 2015, 95k words, rated M.

Dean’s your typical half-orphaned, monster-killing 22-year-old until a trenchcoated stranger crashes into his back windshield one September night, claiming he’s an angel that knows him from the future and that he’s on the run.

Frigging fantastic.

(Or, in which Castiel gets stuck in Dean’s timeline preseries and Dean kind of hates it—until he doesn’t.)

The Story of You and Me by the_diggler
Published 2013, 55k words, rated E.

Dean wakes up in bed next to a very human Castiel, and a journal in his own handwriting that tells him it’s two years in the future. The house looks a lot like Bobby’s, and Sam lives there too… He just can’t remember how they got from angels falling in the sky – to comfortable domesticity.

While there is much in the journal Dean doesn’t remember, there is much of their story he’s always known. And as he settles into the routine of his new life and relationship with Castiel, it quickly becomes something he doesn’t know how to live without.

Other Canonverse stories:

  • Put Up Your Dukes by saltyfeathers (37,153, E) – hot sparring in the bunker
  • Cakeopalypse! by mittenwraith (64,154, M) – Baking reality show with a twist
  • The Tunnel of Love by xylodemon (21,421, E) – Case fic with a haunted love boat
  • You Can Keep Holding On by northernsparrow (352,388, E) – Divergent season 11, bring tissues
  • Professional Couple Only by saltyfeathers (37,153, M) – Season 10 case fic, haunted apartment
  • May I? by TrenchcoatBaby and WaywardAF67 (11,808, E) – Episode 15×09 coda, the prayer, the aftermath
  • Season Z by various authors (incl Castielslostwings, CR Noble, and others (and us!)) (220,673, E) – Canon divergence from the end of Season 14, with zombies
  • A Need for Breathing by Phyona (27,643, E) – Human Cas gets to the bunker, but has pneumonia. Hurt/Comfort
  • What I Need Most by MandalaRose (32,297, E) – Season 12 where Dean gets what he needs most (Cas)
  • Bring Up the Deep by deathbanjo (22,679, E) – established relationship case fic
  • In a Mirror Darkly by anyrei and mugglerock (196,710, E) – Dark D/S fic where Dean and Cas must rescue Sam from limbo. Brilliant, but read the tags
  • Grooming Instincts by Jemariel (26,153, E) – Delicious bunker wing kink
  • Three is the Magic Number by persephoneshadow (6686, E) – Dean and Cas have a threesome with the waitress from 12×12, Mandy. Hot af.
  • If You Get Lost, You Can Always Be Found by WinnJenster (25,417, E) – Post “I’m No Angel”, things go a little differently for human Cas
  • The Law of Equivalent Exchange by awed_frog (60,869, M) – Cas watches over and loves Dean in multiple lives, before and including the current canon timeline. Beautiful.
  • One Missed Text by anyrei and mugglerock (113,260, E) – Season 12 divergence, misunderstandings and angst with a happy ending
  • Defy Any and All Expectation by Tenoko1 (137,688, M) – Alternate season 6 where Chuck’s new books tell of a war between heaven and hell (podfic also available)
  • The Cost of a Thing by quietwandering (74,198, M) – Human Cas leaves the bunker, then a year later works a case with Dean. Angst with a happy ending
  • So Says The Sword by komodobits (85,217, E) – Season 4 and 5 canon divergence. Cas is tasked with babysitting the Michael sword
  • Crazy Diamonds by pantheon_of_discord (24,872, E) – Time travel where Dean swaps with himself in 2008 and 2018
  • Twenty Dollars by NorthernSparrow (15,337, E)
  • I Won’t Send Roses by Zatnikatel (2819, E)

Is your favourite not in this list? Please let us know, we’d love to hear from you!

Our intro music is “Angel with a Shotgun” by The Cab, arranged by Ellen.

2 Replies to “Track 1: Canonverse”

  1. HDub

    There’s something so special about canonverse that you don’t get in an AU. These are *our boys.* They deserve to be happy.

    Really fun to read an early Cas canonverse— like s5. Pre-human, still trying to understand things. Throw in a little smut and I am ALL FOR IT.

    Love the podcast. Y’all are my favorites. 💕

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