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Welcome to episode five of the Mixtape Bookclub Podcast!

Do you love Supernatural? Are you a fan of Dean and Castiel, and their relationship? Do you enjoy reading Destiel fanfiction? This is the podcast for you!

In this episode, we welcome a special guest, followyourenergy, to discuss some fics featuring the Fake Relationship trope. We review three fics: Option C by followyourenergy, Professional Couple Only by saltyfeathers, and A Crash Course in Computer Safety by followthattardis.

A warning: Adult themes are mentioned in this podcast.

Spoilers for episode 18 of season 15 are discussed at the end of this episode, after the fic discussions! We give you plenty of warning first, though.

Our guest:


You can find followyourenergy’s fanfiction on ao3 here, where she shares a range of beautiful and romantic contemporary aus.

As well as Option C, another fake relationship fic from FYE is We Are Not Poets (44,465, E)

Featured fics

Option C by followyourenergy
Published 2020, 63k words, rated E.

Dean Winchester and Castiel Novak thought that their senior year of college would be the best year of their lives—until they find out the apartment they’re renting has also been rented to someone else. Given three options, they choose option C—live together for the year and make it work.

When roommate Vaughn turns out to be a conceited jerk with very different political views and values, best friends Dean and Cas scheme to push him out…by any means necessary. Those means become an elaborate game of fake-relationship antics, which would be fine if Dean wasn’t secretly in love with Cas and Cas hadn’t sworn off dating friends.

As the games escalate, will Dean be able to cope with the feelings that just won’t go away? And will Cas stick with his vow, or will his feelings force him to find another option?

Professional Couple Only by saltyfeathers
Published 2015, 37k words, rated M.

There’s a haunted apartment building in Vermont, and the ad says “Professional couple only”. Dean and Cas rise to the occasion.

A Crash Course in Computer Safety by followthattardis
Published 2019, 85k words, rated E
With art by purgatory-jar

On the day of his 29th birthday, Dean receives an email from his old nemesis: Michael Milton, the guy who got him kicked out of college and stole his girlfriend. The email contains encoded images with top secret CIA/NSA intelligence – and now their only copy is in Dean’s brain. Both agencies send their best operatives – Castiel Novak and Victor Henriksen respectively – to handle their accidental asset and protect the invaluable data in his head. To justify their sudden appearance in Dean’s life, they adopt covers: Victor as Dean’s new co-worker and neighbor, Cas as his new boyfriend. Needless to say, Dean’s brother and his girlfriend are thrilled to see him in a relationship they believe to be real. Clearly, there’s no way this could go wrong.

(NBC’s Chuck AU).

Other links

Other Fake Relationship stories we recommend: (please read the tags)
(Thanks to everyone who sent us suggestions for this list!)

  • In a Mirror Darkly by anyrei (196,710, E) – Violence, non-con. Master/slave relationship, but a gorgeous longfic where Cas and Dean must travel to Limbo to rescue Sam. Read the tags.
  • First Gentleman Wanted by youaresunlight (31,546, E) – newly elected President Castiel Novak requires a fake, picture-perfect boyfriend for PR.
  • The Cost of a Thing by quiettewandering (74,198, M) – Canon divergent after human Cas leaves the bunker, he and Dean must work a case together.
  • The Betrothal Bargain by superhoney (46,081, E) – Regency BB fic where the Duke of Milton and Viscount Winchester must pretend to be betrothed to avoid scandal.
  • Partnered by K_K_Tibal (28,112, T) – Dean and Cas are detectives who must go undercover as a couple for a case.
  • Suck it, Judy Garland by GlitterDwarf & midrashic (20,116, M) – Pinefest fic, canon divergence from s12. Dean and Cas must pretend to be married for a case.
  • The Handyman’s Special by Carrieosity (51,456, E) – Prof. Winchester buys a fixer-upper house and hires someone to help.
  • Light Me Up by tricia_16 (195,500, E) – When tragedy strikes, Dean ends up reunited with an old flame.
  • Undercover Boyfriend by CassondraWinchester (60,409, E) – Destiel Harlequin fic where Cas needs a date for his brother’s wedding in Mexico and undercover FBI agent Dean needs to disappear.
  • Cheers by NotfunnyDean (23,685, E) – Inspired by the film “The Proposal”, Cas talks Dean into marriage so he doesn’t have to go back to Russia.
  • What I Need Most by MandalaRose (32,297, E) – Canon divergent from the end of s11, where Amara gives Dean what he needs most – an au where he’s married to Cas.
  • Le Nouveau by museaway (23,548, M) – A routine haunting lands Dean in a historic hotel with his brother, a flirtatious Cas look-a-like, and a grouchy Angel of the Lord masquerading as his husband.
  • Slide Away by Castielslostwings (51,383, E) – Actor Dean Winchester and Photographer Castiel’s marriage is on the rocks, but they put together one last PR effort to appear together before the news breaks. Angsty, but such a happy ending.
  • (Dis)Affection by justkeeponwriting (73,663, E) – Contemp au where Dean and Cas are tricked into a date, and decide to fool their friends by pretending they’re now together.
  • Hard Road by AleishaPotter (54,910, E) – Canon verse where Dean and Cas must go undercover on a hunt at a gay resort called “Last Hope”.
  • Bittersweet Heart by whelvenwings (56,781, G) – Dean makes an agreement with the blue-eyed Lord of Death, Hades, to rescue his brother’s soul.
  • A Date for the Holidays by WaywardAF67 (37,639, E) – Castiel hires an escort to accompany him to his family’s holiday gatherings. Podfic also available.
  • Mad at your Dad? by wannaliveindeansdimples (7688, M) – Dean finds an ad on Craigslist and enlists Cas as a platonic date for Thanskgiving to freak out his family.
  • Though The Course May Change by imogenbynight (51,581, E) – Canon divergent from s9, Dean and Cas accidentally end up fake-engaged while working a case.
  • Overused Plot Device by OsirisApollo (40,000, T) – Sam and Cas pretend to be a couple for a case. Dean isn’t happy about it.
  • Plus One by BlueMasquerade (19,309, T) – Cas’ roommate and best friend Dean agrees to be his plus one to his cousin’s wedding.
  • Head Over Feet by jemariel (9439, E) – Cas advertises on Craigslist for a wedding date.
  • another recovering heart by superhoney (46,146, E) – Cas tries online dating after a bad breakup, but after the first date with Dean, he wants more.
  • White Lies & Winter Blues by PaperAnn (37,694, E) – A/B/O where Alpha Cas saves omega Dean from a car wreck, and a misunderstanding leads to Cas being “his alpha” afterwards.
  • Plus One by ceeainthereforthat (90,872, E) – Castiel hires someone to be his date for three weddings – Dean.
  • Ready to Fall by lemonsorbae (25,272, M) – Dean invites his friend Cas home for the summer, but his entire family assumes they’re dating. College au.
  • The Destiel Project by Pigzxo (213,569, M) – Rock star Dean, actor Cas slow burn.
  • Russian to the Altar by Malmuses (144,258, E, BDSM) – Baker Dean Winchester agrees to marry his friend’s brother, Russian Dom Erotic novelist Castiel (yes you read all that correctly), to prevent him from being persecuted back home.

Is your favourite not in this list? Please let us know, we’d love to hear from you!

Our intro music is “Angel with a Shotgun” by The Cab, arranged by Ellen.

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