Track 6: Post-Canon

Welcome to episode six of the Mixtape Bookclub Podcast!

Do you love Supernatural? Are you a fan of Dean and Castiel, and their relationship? Do you enjoy reading Destiel fanfiction? This is the podcast for you!

In this episode, we welcome a special guest, andimeantittosting, to discuss how fanfiction may change (if at all) now that Supernatural season 15 has ended. We review three fics: Welcome to Pine Shores! by andimeantittosting, take the long way home by dothraki_shieldmaiden, and Tall Grass by aeli_kindara.

You can find our Mixtape Bookclub Ao3 collection here, containing the stories we’ve discussed on the podcast so far.

A warning: Adult themes are mentioned in this podcast.

Spoilers for episodes 18 and 20 of season 15 are discussed throughout this episode!

Our guest:


You can find andimeantittosting’s fanfiction on Ao3 here, where she shares a range of beautiful and romantic stories, including both contemporary and historical AUs and a few canon verse stories.

andimeantittosting’s codas for season 15 include:

Featured fics

Welcome to Pine Shores! by andimeantittosting
Published 2020, 20k words, rated E
Featuring art by imogenbynight

Thirteen years ago, Dean, with Cas by his side, bought the run-down Pine Shores Motel, and made it into a home and a stopping place for hunters. In those thirteen years, he has never been able to bring himself to admit his feelings to Cas—after all, why rock the boat? But, Dean realizes, doesn’t Cas deserve more than just growing old in a shabby motel with Dean? Surely, as a good friend, it’s Dean’s job to encourage Cas to get out there and live his dreams.

take the long way home by dothraki_shieldmaiden
Published for DCBB 2019, 95k words, rated E.
Featuring art by czarcaustic

Three months ago, when Dean decided to retire, he thought his life was going to end up differently. He’d thought that he might get to have it all, Sam, Cas, Jack, and nice little place to live. Instead he gets Sam and Jack off on their Summer of Love Tour, radio silence from Cas, and a never-ending road trip consisting of himself.

Still reeling from the loss of his grace, Castiel travels the country in search of hunts. Driven by a need to prove his usefulness, he pushes himself beyond all limits of endurance.

Together, with the help of a few friends, a crumbling Victorian house, and a stray cat, Dean and Castiel patch themselves back together and create a home together.

Tall Grass by aeli_kindara
Published 2017, 57k words, rated E

“I think we should have a garden,” Cas says.

Dean looks up from his beer. He hasn’t had that much to drink, but Cas still has a vague look of unreality about him, a splash of living color that doesn’t fit in the bunker’s echoing stillness. Dean didn’t hear him coming. A lot of the time, Cas is so unobtrusive it feels like Dean has the bunker to himself, with Sam away.

Dean shakes his head to clear it. “A — garden?” he repeats.

Other links

Other coda fics mentioned:

Other post-canon stories we recommend:

  • Talkin’ Bear Mountain Picnic by MittenWraith (41,450,E
  • A Place We Can Love by anastiel (39,441, E) – domestic, Castiel falls and Dean builds them a house
  • Wait For It by Castielslostwings (44,281, E) – a hunter who can’t seem to look forward and an ex-angel who is done looking back
  • Where the weeds take root by deathbanjo (30,227, E) – slow burn friends to lovers, moving to the country, gonna eat a lot of peaches
  • Morning Glory by edgarallenrose (25,991, E) – After the season 12 finale, Cas is human and now keeps bees, DCBB 2017
  • Dean (and Cas’) Top 13 Zepp Traxx by pantheon_of_discord (82,450, E) – Dean and Cas and the open road, to the tune of Led Zeppelin.
  • I Need Never Get Old by Pinkmink (9516, E) – a decade after the last hunt, TFW settle down and build a house
  • Build a Home by domesticadventures (20,102, T) – SPN canon big bang. After they save the world, Dean expects Cas to come back to the bunker with them. He doesn’t.
  • Cause I’m Yours by FeaRauko (2210, T ) – Cas steps outside during Sam and Eileen’s wedding reception for a breather. Dean follows him.
  • Mr. Blue Sky by anyrei & mugglerock (111,809, E) – SPN canon big bang. The British Men of Letters have done a great job ridding the world of monsters. Dean and Cas try settling down.

Is your favourite not in this list? Please let us know, we’d love to hear from you!

Our intro music is “Angel with a Shotgun” by The Cab, arranged by Ellen.

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