Track 19: Pride

Welcome to episode nineteen of the Mixtape Book Club Podcast.

In this episode, Ellen and Mal welcome author the_communist_unicorn to discuss queer representation, identities, and Pride in Destiel fics. The fics discussed include Last Night on Earth by the_communist_unicorn, PRIDE by tricia_16, and Purple Horse in a Coffee Shop by almaasi.

You can find our Mixtape Book Club Ao3 collection here, containing the stories we’ve discussed on the podcast so far.

Thanks to goldenraeofsun we now have a transcript available for this episode!

A warning: This episode contains swearing and discussion of adult topics. Please listen at your own risk.

Our Guest – the_communist_unicorn

the_communist_unicorn, also known as Koby, writes both Destiel fics and his advice column called Ask Your Friendly Neighbourhood Unicorn. Find all of Koby’s work on ao3, or in many of the Destiel groups on Facebook, such as Destiel – Readers and Writers.

Other fics of Koby’s that we mention:

Featured fics

Last Night on Earth by the_communist_unicorn
Published 2020, 75k words, E
Major Character Death and homophobia tags

After their disastrous trip to the brothel, Dean takes a more direct approach to getting Cas de-virginized … and gets a lot more than he bargained for. With the world on the fast track to Armageddon, can Dean finally find the courage to reveal the secret he’s kept for almost twenty years?

PRIDE by tricia_16
Published 2020, 18k words, E

Married life for Castiel and Dean is pretty much exactly what they hoped it would be: ordinary, but filled with love, laughter, and plenty of orgasms. When ignorance rears its ugly head in a cruel and unexpected way, their simple lives are suddenly not so simple anymore. It’s a rude awakening that shakes them both to the core, but what doesn’t kill them makes them stronger, and thanks to the kindness of strangers, enriches their lives and their relationship in more ways than one.

Purple Horse in a Coffee Shop by almaasi
Published 2017, 8k words, G

Nobody expects to see a purple horse at a Pride parade. So, naturally, Dean Winchester is surprised to meet his office co-worker and long-term crush, Castiel, riding atop a magnificent steed – and dressed in full wizard regalia, no less. Somehow, Cas thinks he (and his decked-out horse) are wearing grey. They visit a coffee shop with their friends and family, trying to get to the bottom of this mix-up – and apparently the purple horse is coming too.

 “One medium black coffee with two sugars; one macchiato; three small soy lattes; one large decaf with a caramel shot – and ten apples, please.”

Other links

Other Pride recommendations:

Fics including characters coming out or other queer topics:

What’s your favourite fic featuring queer themes? Please let us know, we’d love to hear from you!

Our intro music is “Angel with a Shotgun” by The Cab, arranged by Ellen.

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  1. Jes “Mamamoonandback”

    You asked for a comment on my fave ep … this is it right here!! Not only is the topic and convo lovely… it features my pocket-bestie as your guest! This one plays on repeat for me!!

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