Track 30: Enemies to Lovers

Welcome to episode thirty of the Mixtape Book Club Podcast.

In this episode, Ellen and Mal welcome author allmystars to discuss fics with the fan-favourite trope: enemies to lovers. Fics include allmystars’s This Cursed Sanctum, The Galaxy’s Most Wanted by saltnhalo, (don’t) stop texting me by feelthe_beat, and Such A Sweet Surprise by lefurlong, among others.

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As always, Mixtape Book Club contains swearing and discussion of adult topics. Please listen at your own discretion, with attention paid to any little ears that might be nearby!

Our Guest – allmystars

Jess (or allmystars) writes Destiel stories on AO3 under allmystars.

Another fic of Jess’s we’ve mentioned in this episode:

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This Cursed Sanctum by allmystars (51:49)
Published for DCBB 2021, 44k words, E

Art by vorador

164 years after the expulsion of the angels from the Seraphim Garden, Dean Winchester has made it his personal mission to destroy every last one of them in any way he can, starting by evacuating the most fragile of their future followers.

The children.

But when a mission goes wrong and Sammy is kidnapped, Dean finds himself at the gates of the legend garden, then inside its walls, once said to kill anyone who comes near enough to know where they are.

As Dean comes to explore his new prison, and gets to know the Angel keeper, he finds that maybe not all angels are quite so wicked.

Will Dean find his way out if this cursed sanctum? Or will it kill him before he gets the chance?

Maybe he’ll discover it’s not so cursed at all?

The Galaxy’s Most Wanted by saltnhalo (10:05)
Published 2018, 10k words, E

Dean had been the one always up to mischief, running around with his father’s broken laser pistol and constantly getting into places he shouldn’t have been. Sam, in comparison, always seemed to be the smart, studious one – until he reprogrammed the AI in their neighbours’ house to play ‘Happy Birthday’ at the loudest possible volume while keeping all the doors and windows firmly locked. It had taken two experts seven hours to undo the coding that Sam had managed to integrate into the house’s programming.

So, yes. They had been exceptional even from the beginning. And when John Winchester crossed one too many people, his sons inherited his beloved ship, and took to the cosmos doing what they knew best: stealing.

And they were damn good at it too. Almost unrivalled, across their own galaxy and even those neighbouring.


(don’t) stop texting me by feelthe_beat (30:20)
Published 2021, 96k words, E

Castiel Novak is relatively happy living his solitary life as a Starbucks Barista. He lives alone with a cat named Hamburger, and he has one (1) emotional support friend, Gabriel.

Unfortunately, he is plagued by the fact that some guy (see: a random hot dude named ‘Dean’) is giving out Castiel’s phone number as his own. And he’s been doing it for months.

So, of course, when Castiel’s at work and a hot stranger gives him his own phone number for the Starbucks Rewards Program… well… it doesn’t go well.

Such A Sweet Surprise by lefurlong (18:30)
Published 2022, 17k words, M

“The ten-course menu starts off as an immensely promising and curiously understated list. There are hardly any details to the ingredients, leaving one to wonder what Head Chef Winchester is up to.

Not much, as it turns out.”

“What!” Dean’s shout echoes through the kitchen. It’s deadly silent; no one speaks. No one responds to him, that’s for sure, because he’d probably lodge his favorite knife in someone’s eyeball.

He’ll show Novak. He’s going to personally invite the guy back for another round. And this time, Dean’s not going to screw up a single dish.

It is so on.

Other Enemies to Lovers Fics (1:11:40)

Thanks to all our friends in PB Discord for being so generous with recommendations!

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What’s your favorite enemies to lovers fic? Please let us know, we’d love to hear from you!

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