Track 33: Angel Possession

Welcome to episode thirty-three of the Mixtape Book Club Podcast.

In this episode, Ellen and Mal welcome author Cheerful_Shinagami to discuss fics where Castiel possesses Dean. Fics include Cheerful_Shinagami’s Contingency, the home we make together by vaudelin, terror & desire intertwined by rupertgayes, and plenty more.

You can find our Mixtape Book Club Ao3 collection here, containing the stories we’ve discussed on the podcast so far.

A transcript of this episode is available.

As always, Mixtape Book Club contains swearing and discussion of adult topics. Please listen at your own discretion, with attention paid to any little ears that might be nearby!

Our Guest – Cheerful_Shinigami

Find Ripley’s Destiel stories on AO3 here: Cheerful_Shinigami.

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Contingency by Cheerful_Shinigami (8:35)
Published in 2021, 123k words, E

Two months after Dean is dragged to Hell, he crawls out of his own grave with a mysterious handprint branded to his shoulder. A strange being named Castiel claims that he pulled Dean early to stop the literal Apocalypse.

Now Dean must figure out a way to derail the divine destinies of him and his brother. They must find a way to stop Lilith without killing her, while all of Heaven and Hell want Dean back in the basement so The Plan can continue.

The only one in his corner is Castiel, but can this stupidly handsome stranger be trusted? After all, no one else but Dean can even see or hear him…

[AKA A S4 AU retelling with healthy brotherly bonding, tons of TFW feels, a very sweet slow burn, and Cas in a waistcoat!]

the home we make together by vaudelin (50:30)
Published in 2021, 48k words, E

In the kitchen, Dean doesn’t notice the glowing syringe on the counter until he finishes filling a plastic cup with water, a sippy lid stretched over its top. He blinks at the syringe, eyeing the frighteningly-thick gauge of its needle, the bold glass barrel swirling with a silver-blue hue, its glow muted by the folded piece of paper draped over it.

Blood’s in the fridge, the note says. Kaia thinks maybe this’ll work? Beneath it, cramped and scribbled, as if in an afterthought, Good luck. Don’t get yourself killed. — Claire

Grace, extracted from a human once possessed by an angel. The last traces left when an angel moves on for good.

This is it. One last ditch chance to save Cas. And when it doesn’t work out, Dean will…

Dean will have to give up and finally move on. No point keeping this chapter of his life open, making himself heartsick over impossible dreams.

terror & desire intertwined by rupertgayes (1:07:10)
Published 2020, 39k words, E

Faced with Castiel suffering a fate worse than death, Dean makes the decision to let Cas use his body as a temporary vessel. All things considered, Dean thinks, it could have gone worse.

Other Angel Possession AUs (1:22:15)

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What’s your favorite fic involving possession? Please let us know, we’d love to hear from you!

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