Tag: cbfirestarter

  • Track 28: BDSM

    In this episode, Ellen and Mal welcome back author CBFirestarter to discuss fics involving BDSM (or Bondage, Dominant, Submissive/Sadism, Masochism). Fics include CBFirestarter's War Wounds, I Wanna Get Outside (Of Me) by emwebb17, Beg Pretty For Me by kittimau, and "Yes, Sir" by Redamber79, among others.

  • Track 3: Omegaverse

    In this episode, we welcome two special guests—CBFirestarter and Trenchcoatbaby—and also discuss the joy of co-writing. We review three fics: White Collar Contract by CBFirestarter and TrenchcoatBaby, No Words by ltleflrt, and Unwritten by PorcupineGirl.