Track 27: 2021 Wrapped

Welcome to episode twenty-seven of the Mixtape Book Club Podcast.

In this episode, Ellen and Mal attempt to fill up your marked-for-later with a list of fics they enjoyed reading in 2021, but haven’t mentioned on the podcast yet (or have been mentioned but made such an impression they need to be mentioned again).

You can find our Mixtape Book Club Ao3 collection here, containing the stories we’ve discussed on the podcast so far in previous episodes.

As always, Mixtape Book Club contains swearing and discussion of adult topics. Please listen at your own discretion, with attention paid to any little ears that might be nearby!

Destiel fanfic in review

Ellen’s nerdy stats mentioned:

From Jan to Dec 2021, there were 13009 Castiel/Dean Winchester fics posted. That’s up from the 9710 fics from the previous year! In fact, that’s the highest count since 2015.

Top tags for this year:

  • Fluff (2730)
  • Angst (1658)
  • Alternate Universe – Canon Divergence (1299)
  • Hurt/Comfort (1050)
  • Established Castiel/Dean Winchester (1050)
  • First Kiss (1014)
  • Angst with a Happy Ending (1007)
  • Bisexual Dean Winchester (931)
  • Alternate Universe (912)
  • Human Castiel (Supernatural) (867)

Mentioned fics

  • I Carry Your Heart With Me by aishitara (26,770, E) – DCBB 2021 with art by verobatto – post-canon fix-it with bunker fluff and trueform Cas
  • Impression by tiamatv (109,137, E) – DCBB 2021 with art by natmoose – Pern-inspired dragonrider au slowburn
  • Storm and Sentinel by tiamatv (64,397, E) – Harlequin Bang 2021 – Fantasy AU with storm mage Cas and sentinel Dean
  • This Cursed Sanctum by allmystars (43,758, E) – DCBB 2021 – Fantasy AU where Dean discovers Cas, the last surviving Seraph of his family, in his secret garden
  • A Weed in Any Other Place by VioletHaze (63,127, E) – DBCC 2021 with art by 7hunnybunny7 – Author Cas can only write his book in the waiting room of the mechanic where Dean works
  • Sir, This is a Wendy’s by noviembre (40,172, M) – Misha’s prompt with President Cas and caretaker Dean. Super cute!
  • You Held It In Your Hands by mittenwraith (73,239, M) – DCBB 2021 with art by Solstheimart – Hospital AU were Dean and Cas are residents and also roommates
  • Down to Agincourt series by seperis (Four fics and unfinished, at present 1,121,311 words, E) – Endverse epic – Listen to our discussion in our Track 12: Endverse
  • Contingency by Cheerful_Shinigami (123,096, E) – Season 4 canon divergent with Dean and Cas sharing a body
  • A Different Kind of Monster by roadtonowhere (89,495, E) – DCBB 2021 with art by xfancyfranart – Pre-season 1 canon divergence, Cas has amnesia. Listen to us discussing other pre-series fics in our track 24: Time Travel
  • Hold Me Close by twisting_vine_x (7681, E) – Star Trek-inspired AU where Dean and Cas are trapped in a cave-in, just in time for some Pon Farr
  • Secret Garden by Miss_Lv (6674, E) – AU where Cas looks after a garden and has an encounter with a sentient plant and some vegetables. Hear us chat about this fic in depth in track 22: Crack
  • Azzurro by FriendofCarlotta (29,689) – 2P love triangle friends to lovers, set in Italy
  • Trapped by followyourenergy (11,978, M) – A blizzard traps Cas inside a collapsed building, firefighter Dean must save him before time runs out
  • Sand Dollars by followyourenergy (WIP, currently 60k, E) – Omegaverse where Cas and Dean are true mates, but Dean doesn’t believe in any of that, thanks to his past trauma
  • Whiplash by CBFirestarter and TrenchcoatBaby (WIP, currently 131k, E) – biological BDSM with Sub Dean and Dom Cas
  • The Meaning on my Skin by saltnhalo (82,787, E) – Biological BDSM with tattoos
  • Dean versus the slow burn by Desirae (8694, E) – post-canon divergence where Dean finds Cas asleep in his bed, with hot dog pajama pants on
  • Don’t Worry, Sammy, You Can Be the Butler by wannaliveindeansdimples (14,982, E) – funny college au

Shout out to Monster of the Week podcast!

What’s your favorite witch & familiar fic? Please let us know, we’d love to hear from you!

Our intro music is “Angel with a Shotgun” by The Cab, arranged by Ellen.

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