Track 32: Pirate AU

Welcome to episode thirty-two of the Mixtape Book Club Podcast.

In this episode, Ellen and Mal welcome author Kitmistry to discuss Pirate AU Destiel fics. Fics include Kitmistry’s Of Twists and Turns; Blow High, Blow Low, and so sailed we by insominia; His Right Hand Man by goldenraeofsun; Eye of the Storm by nickelkeep, and plenty more.

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As always, Mixtape Book Club contains swearing and discussion of adult topics. Please listen at your own discretion, with attention paid to any little ears that might be nearby!

Our Guest – Kitmistry

Find Kitmistry’s Destiel stories on AO3 here: Kitmistry.

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Of Twists and Turns by Kitmistry (13:55)
Published for DCBB 2019, 75k words, E
With art by Pimentogirl

When naval surgeon Castiel Novak is captured by the Black Impala pirates, he has no choice but to agree to their terms: He is to serve on their ship for a whole year before they release him. That doesn’t mean he is going to like it, though. Especially when their captain is the embodiment of everything Castiel despises.

Determined to earn his freedom, Castiel settles into the life of an outlaw. When the pirates’ true goal is revealed, though, he can no longer deny that things are not as black and white as he thought they were. And he can’t deny how drawn he is to Captain Winchester either.

His Right Hand Man by goldenraeofsun (36:02)
Published 2022, 17k words, M

After Sam runs away from home, tired of his life on their failing estate, Dean naturally chases after him – right onto a pirate ship.

Dean doesn’t feel the call of the sea or crave the adventure of piracy like Sam, but he can grin and bear it. He can do anything as long as Sam stays safe.

Then again, Dean might even come around to Sam’s way of thinking, provided he can spend more time with The Seraph’s mysterious captain.

Blow High, Blow Low, and so sailed we by insominia (45:57)
Published for ficfacer$ in 2020, 35k words, M

Dean Winchester is not the first pirate Captain Castiel Novak of Her Majesty’s frigate The Seraph has been sent to capture, but he may very well be the last.

When fate (and a cannon) conspire to bring them together Castiel finds that Dean and his crew are unlike any pirates he has ever encountered. Drawn into a conspiracy that threatens everything Castiel believes in, Castiel must decide where his true allegiances lie. In the meantime, he must survive his time with the very pirate he was sent to capture, which seems unbearably easy when Dean insists on being so completely charming.

Eye of the Storm by nickelkeep (59:55)
Published 2020, 11k words, E

When a threat from the past returns to the Kingdom of Winchester, Crown Prince Dean takes it upon himself to get rid of the problem and prove himself worthy to rule. However, when the crew and Captain of the commandeered ship Heaven’s Wrath aren’t at all what Dean thought they were, Dean starts to second guess many of the things King John has spread over the years.

Captain Castiel Novak, along with his ship Heaven’s Wrath, has been on the run for over a decade. After a much-needed stop in his home Kingdom – and hostile territory – Winchester, a chance encounter threatens to destroy everything he’s built.

Will the tumultuous waters be too much for Dean and Castiel to handle? Or will they be able to find comfort in the eye of the storm?

The Gentleman Pirate’s Library

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