Track 45: Reunions

Welcome to episode forty-five of the Mixtape Book Club Podcast.

In this episode, Ellen and Mal welcome author thatpeculiarone to discuss Destiel fics where Castiel and Dean are reunited. Fics include Willow by thatpeculiarone, The Seraph and the Frog by goldenraeofsun, and Closing Time by Casloveshisfreckles, plus many more!

You can find our Mixtape Book Club Ao3 collection here, containing the stories we’ve discussed on the podcast so far.

As always, Mixtape Book Club contains fic spoilers, swearing and discussion of adult topics. Please listen at your own discretion, with attention paid to any little ears that might be nearby!

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Our guest: thatpeculiarone

Jess pubishes her Destiel works under thatpeculiarone on ao3. Find her on X as @thatpeculiarone.

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Willow by thatpeculiarone
Published for DCBB 2023, 71k words, M
Art by 7hunnyybunnyy7

Castiel Novak had known Dean Winchester his entire life. Growing up together, the two friends’ worlds revolved around one another, each of them looking forward to their annual summer get togethers at the Winchesters’ farm and winery, located in the rolling hills of Napa, California.

However, it only takes one night for seventeen years of friendship to all come crashing down. When Castiel confesses his feelings for Dean, his friend’s rancorous reaction sends him packing. Castiel leaves, and stays away for ten years.

When Dean’s father John falls ill, Castiel begrudgingly visits the farm again for the first time in a decade. Castiel is nervous to relive that night. He is nervous to be back at a place that holds so many memories. He is nervous to see Dean for the first time in so long.

While he grapples with his anger and hurt, he also has to grapple with the fact that the feelings he holds for Dean may still be there after all this time.

Closing Time by Casloveshisfreckles
Published in 2017 for DCBB, 69k words, E
Art by keylimedean
Series with 4 works

Dean Winchester’s college years felt like the greatest of his life: School came easy, he was the starting first baseman for the KU Jayhawks and he was in love with the smartest, nerdiest, hottest guy in school, who also happened to be his roommate. They were the definition of Relationship Goals. Until they weren’t. Until Cas left.

If you asked Castiel Novak why he was back in Lawrence after 10 years, he’d tell you it was because of a great job opportunity. If you knew Castiel, you’d know it was because of Dean Winchester. But Dean had moved on, successfully running his bar, brewing his own beer, tattooed and still the most gorgeous man Castiel had ever laid eyes on. Oh and? He was taken.

Dean wants to, but forgiving Cas isn’t easy, and finding their way back to each other after all this time is like searching for a hand in the dark. Sometimes, ten years is ten years too late.

The Seraph and the Frog by goldenraeofsun
Published in 2021, 12k words, T

Armed with his growing stack of parenting books, Cas raises Jack in North Cove, Washington, alone. He hasn’t heard from angels, demons or Winchesters in six months.

By all measures, Jack is a happy and healthy baby, if a little lonely. So when he befriends a frog who wanders in from the lake, Cas can hardly object.

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