Track 29: Royalty

Welcome to episode twenty-nine of the Mixtape Book Club Podcast.

In this episode, Ellen and Mal welcome author tricia_16 to discuss fics where either Dean and/or Cas are royalty. Fics include tricia_16’s King of My Heart, Of Stone and Trees by anyrei and queerwerewolf, and A Midsummer Night in Las Vegas by whelvenwings, among others.

You can find our Mixtape Book Club Ao3 collection here, containing the stories we’ve discussed on the podcast so far.

As always, Mixtape Book Club contains swearing and discussion of adult topics. Please listen at your own discretion, with attention paid to any little ears that might be nearby!

A transcript is available for this episode, here.

Our Guest – tricia_16

Tricia writes mainly AU Destiel stories. You can find them AO3 under tricia_16.

Tricia’s other fics we’ve mentioned in this episode:

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King Of My Heart by tricia_16 (5:10)
Published 2020, total 127k words, E

When a fresh-out-of-the-closet Prince Dean is forced into an arranged marriage with the Princess of the Land Of The Angels, he’s sure he’s just signed away any and all hope of ever experiencing true love. But one knock on the castle door changes everything, and with The King and The Queen out of the kingdom and unable to interfere, Dean finds himself falling so hard and so fast for the first time in his life that he forgets to worry about the imminent return of his parents and what that might mean for him…

Of Stone and Trees by anyrei and queerwerewolf (31:35)
Published 2021, 48k words, E

The lands have been rife with demonic rifts, so in an effort to outnumber them, the King of the Druids and the human King decide it is time their kingdoms unite together to fight this foe. And what better way to unite than a wedding? Prince Castiel of the Eski Forest is to be joined with the eldest human Prince, Dean Winchester. Not that either of them are particularly excited about that…

A Midsummer Night in Las Vegas by whelvenwings (41:20)
Published for DCBB 2020, 60k words, E
With art by Deliciousirony

Dean is a Prince, and even in the 21st century he’s expected to make a good match (unfortunately for Castiel, marrying your local librarian and best friend apparently doesn’t count). The announcement of Dean’s upcoming arranged marriage to someone he doesn’t even know hits Castiel hard.

But late in the night during his bachelor party in Las Vegas, Dean leans over to Castiel and asks him a question. Castiel knows he should say no. But the next morning, Dean and Castiel wake up with matching rings on their fingers.

With an international incident only one mistake away, Dean and Castiel begin trying to get an annulment in secret – but slowly realise that neither of them wants to spend the rest of their lives apart.

Listen to our Track 16: Fairytales to hear us chat to whelvenwings about their fic, True As It Can Be.

Other Royalty Fics (55:30)

Thanks to all our friends in PB Discord for being so generous with recommendations!

Other links

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  1. DameJ

    Love this podcast and this episode was one of the best! It was great to hear from Tricia_16 (whom I love), particularly on one of my favourite ever tropes, the RoyaltyAU.

    I’m so grateful for this podcast in general – I learn about so many fics that I would never have encountered and I love hearing fellow fans express enthusiasm about the ones I have read!

    Keep up the great work, Ellen and Mal!

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