• Track 5: Fake Relationship

    In this episode, we welcome a special guest, followyourenergy, to discuss some fics featuring the Fake Relationship trope. We review three fics: Option C by followyourenergy, Professional Couple Only by saltyfeathers, and A Crash Course in Computer Safety by followthattardis.

  • Track 4: Horror

    In this episode, we welcome a special guest, jscribbles, to discuss all things spooky to celebrate Halloween. We review three fics: Taker of Souls by Jscribbles, Bring Up the Deep by deathbanjo, and From Sea to Shining Sea by MsCaptainWinchester.

  • Track 3: Omegaverse

    In this episode, we welcome two special guests—CBFirestarter and Trenchcoatbaby—and also discuss the joy of co-writing. We review three fics: White Collar Contract by CBFirestarter and TrenchcoatBaby, No Words by ltleflrt, and Unwritten by PorcupineGirl.

  • Track 2: Mutual Pining

    In this episode, we welcome our first special guest—Mittens (aka mittensmorgul/mittenwraith) and also discuss mutual pining in fics. We review two fics: Mittenwraith's Revenge of the Subtext, and Molting Expectations by tricia_16.

  • Track 1: Canonverse

    In our very first episode, we introduce ourselves and the podcast, and also discuss canonverse fics—that is, stories that take place in the same universe as the show. We review two fics: A Turn of the Earth by microcomets, and The Story of You and Me by the_diggler.